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  • Personal data collection has been registered at the French CNIL on 2015-11-30
Registration class: Website – Customer and prospect data management. Registration number: 1908924 v 0
The following website also uses cookies. Cookies are only used by AfydaAntara to enhance the visitor browsing experience.
Under no circumstances shall we collect the visitor email adress without them giving it willingly.

  • Data collection goal

Data collected are used in order to communicate commercial offers. Only our company receives those collected data.
According to legal obligations, we will keep those data for a limited time, proportionate to the goals for which you gave it.

  • Personal data transmission to third companies

Data collected through our website can be forwarded to partners companies in order to present you relevant commercial offers. In order to receive those data, you need to check the ad hoc case on the page where data are gathered. You can notice us anytime of your wish to modify your choice.

  • Personal data protection and access rights

According to the Computer and Liberty law of the January 6th 1978, you may access and modify your personal data at any time. To use this right, you may notice Afyda Antara by letter to the following adress :

Afyda Antara
69 rue des Granges
25000 Besançon

  • Intellectual and industrial property 

Every elements published within the Afyda Antara website, such as sounds, images, illustrations, pictures, movies, programs, visual style, database, software and other underlying technologies are and remain the exclusive property of Afyda Antara, according to the Intellectual Property Code.

“Afyda Antara” brand, and all of the brands, figuratives or not and more generally every other brands, illustrations, images and logos on the article, their accessories or their packagings, whether they are registered or not, are and remain the exclusive property of the Afyda Antara company, excepted the rights on the products visuals, brands and logos of suppliers on the website.

Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of those brands, illustrations, pictures and logo, under any goal or support, without an explicit agreement beforehand of Afyda Antara company, is strictly forbidden. The same goes for any combination or concurrence with any other brand, symbol, logo and more generally any distinctive sign meant to build a mixed logo, excepted descriptives logos and signs belonging to brands on the website. The same goes for author rights, drawings and models, patents that are the property of the Afyda Antara company.

  • Responsibility

Afyda Antara is not responsible for the content and the functionning of websites which are linked to website, and of every kind of damages which could be endured by the visitor during a visite on one of those sites.

Using the following website implies the knowledge and the agreement of the visitor of the caracteristics and limits of Internet and its underlying technologies, the absence of certain data protection against possible hijackings or hacking and contamination liabilities by possible virus on the network. Afyda Antara declines any responsibility for any misuse or disturbance related to the using of the computer, the Internet access, maintenance or server, phone line or any other technical connection dysfunction, the sending of forms to a wrong or incomplete adress, any computer related error or defects noticed on the website.

  • Applicable law

The following website is subject to the French law.


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