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It all came from an observation.

The Yellow vest was following the same path as most modern iconic fashion pieces.

Born as a utility piece and mass-produced, it stands on the fringes of what can still be called a garment. A mere accessory responding to the safety needs of millions of industrial and construction workers, first responders and vehicle drivers. 


In just a few weeks , the Yellow Vest gained the status of a subversive piece , promoted by the French people as a statement of rebellion against the elites

 the same way the modern trousers were popularized by the 18thcentury French revolutionary movement of the “sans-culottes”, to finally become a staple of high fashion. 



Everything that happens in society is reflected in Fashion.

And Fashion always had a compelling attraction for all things rebellious. Just like other symbols of resistance were absorbed by fashion to become everyday and/or luxurious items, we decided to take the last steps and give the Yellow Vest a « Haute Couture » treatment.

A highlight of how Fashion can be opportunistic and appropriative .

A balance of rebellion, utilitarian aesthetic and luxury embedded in the same piece.

But above all, the Yellow Vest embodies what everyone seeks in Fashion these days : HIGH VISIBILITY

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