Who is Afyda Antara ?


« Fashion is an art, art is creation, creation is inspiration,
 inspiration is a dream … Fashion is my dream »
Afyda Antara

AFYDA ANTARA is a young french brand offering avant-garde collections handcrafted in france from noble materials. Daughter of a dressmaker, Afyda Antara grew up among clothes and fabrics. Early in her childhood she showed a natural talent for harmonizing colors and materials.Driven forward by her history and inspired by her mixed french, touareg and asian origins, she founded the brand bearing her name in 2012.

The AFYDA ANTARA Fashion House creates timeless and exclusive clothes & accessories. The strong identity of our collections follows the motto of their creator:  “Standing out is being remarkable”. Our philosophy is to craft precious goods, which can be passed from generation to generation like a family heirloom filled with emotions and memories. They will hold a special place in your heart as a part of your legacy.

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