Fitted jackets carved in leather and precious fabrics highlight his stature.
In his quest of elegance and charisma , the Afyda Antara Man stays off the beaten path, advocating his own unique and remarkable lifestyle.


The Afyda Antara Women Collection is marked by strong and significant inspirations. Carefuly shaped designs sublimate her silhouette.
For Afyda Antara, Feminity is more than a gender, it’s a journey with numerous stopovers where originality is her passport.
With a sharp yet subtle determination , the Afyda Antara Woman turns her independance into a strenght and her singularity into elegance .


Merging the worlds of Art and Fashion. Editorials, photoshoots, fashion shows and events, discover Afyda Antara ‘s creations staged and shot by the best Fashion photographers.


Noble materials blend together following seasons and the designer’s inspirations. They take shape and lead to a both remarkable and masterly piece.

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